Our greatest reference, is the one of your trust.

Beyond marks of legend, our most precious asset is the confidence renewed by our clientele. This confidence, we are the trustee and we cultivate it year after year by remaining faithful to our values and our commitments :

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Our commitments

An exceptional service for exceptional cars

To be rented or to be sold, luxury cars proposed by Pegasus Cars, are always delivered in flawless conditions.Technical maintenance, cleanliness, supplies, every detail is verified.

New Luxury cars or with very low mileage

Your luxury car rented with Pegasus Cars will never have more than 25.000 km on the meter. 
You will often be the first driver. Only some premium vehicles as Van type, Minibus etc., or SUV // sedans, may exceed 25.000km. 
It is the rare guarantee of precious sensations.

Be present enough for you to forget: (All is done so that you simply have to lay back and enjoy the ride)

When you rent a luxury car with Pegasus Cars, you can be sure that everything has been thought and done, for you to feel good. Nothing to disturb your pleasure. You'll have all to enjoy driving or to let you be driven.

The most recent and best equipped models

Pegasus cars propose you the choice among the newest and best equipped models. Because our clientele knows how to make the difference, and that's why you will be happy to make it yours.

Accomplished and experienced drivers

All drivers we employ are accomplished and well experienced, they are in full care for your satisfaction.
Accuracy, discretion and availability, delivering your car or driving for you, they are first at your service (disposal).

The guarantee and the transparency of expenses

In case of accident, (including the case you are responsible) leading to repairs on your luxury car rented, Pegasus Cars guaranteed retaining only the strict amount of the engaged expenses, without margin or extra penalty. The rest of your deposit is completely restored back to you.

Our commitments

Your reservation, your vehicle prepares, the delivery schedules respect, our staff’s technical skills and human qualities, 
constitute the Pegasus Cars signature, and are the aim of all our attention.